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Why Brand Marketers Should Invest in Digital Printing

Digital printing technology has made it possible to print products more efficiently, quickly, and with less cost. This has opened many possibilities for businesses and marketers to test new products, designs, and markets. Additionally, digital printing has made it possible for companies to create locally targeted campaigns which can improve the time it takes for a product to reach the market.

Defining Digital Printing

Digital printing is a printing method where a digital-based image is printed directly to various media. This digital-based image comes in a PDF file and goes right to the media, such as printer paper. With digital printing, there is no need for printer plates; this allows for setup time to be significantly shortened.

This type of printing is ideal for short print runs, as it eliminates the need for costly plates and setup fees. In addition, digital printing offers variable data printing, which allows you to personalise each print piece with different text, images, or graphics. This is a great way to create targeted marketing materials relevant to each recipient.

Digital printing also offers a quick turnaround time, so you can get your print project completed and in your hands faster than with traditional printing methods. If you're considering digital printing for your next project, contact a local print shop to get started.

The Process of Digital Printing

To print digitally, the design or image is first loaded into the printer. The printer then transfers the design onto the media, which travels under the print head. The print head is responsible for distributing ink onto the media in different colours and amounts to create the desired image. This process can be used for small projects, like home printing, or larger projects requiring specialised machines.

If you are considering investing in digital printing for your business, choosing a reputable and experienced printer is crucial. Pick printing experts who can help you produce high-quality prints that meet your needs and requirements.

Why Consider Digital Printing

Digital printing is a technology that is increasingly being used in the retail environment. This technology is used to create signage, graphics, point-of-purchase materials, and even packaging. This technology benefits retail businesses because it allows for a more customised and personal customer experience.

Here are the other benefits of digital printing for brand marketers:

  • Product launches

Companies are pressured to launch new products and make them stand out more. Digital printing allows for more experimentation with new products and packaging concepts. This can be done more quickly and easily than with traditional printing methods.

  • Marketing customization

To be considered relevant to consumers, brands need to customise their campaigns to support local demographics. This includes changes to language, imagery, and compliance with local regulations. This may require brands to rethink their materials and packaging for each market they support.

  • Campaign personalization

Coca-Cola's wildly successful "Share a Coke" campaign was made possible by digital printing technology, allowing personalised labels to be printed. Over 800 million personalised contoured bottle labels were distributed across 32 countries, with the 250 most popular first names substituted for the Coca-Cola logo.

Final Thoughts

Digital printing is an essential tool for brand marketers. It allows them to create high-quality, custom-printed products quickly and efficiently. Additionally, digital printing can help brands stand out from the competition by creating unique, eye-catching prints that are impossible to replicate with traditional printing methods.

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